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Dr. Kiana L. Frank Special Guest Lecture

Dr. Kiana L. Frank standing in her lab

Dr. Kiana L. Frank will be presenting a special guest lecture on her topic of “Mo’olelo & Microbes” on Thursday at 11:00 am in HGB 275. Dr. Frank is an assistant research professor at the University of Hawaii with a Harvard Ph.D. in molecular cell biology. “At the root of [her] research is the desire to better understand the connectivity between land and sea to promote the restoration and sustainability of Hawaii’s ahupuaʻa resources” according to her bio. She has a gift for explaining complicated sustainability in a simple, fun, and compelling way.

The event is co-sponsored by the Kumuwaiwai Center for Sustainability, Faculty of Sciences, and Faculty of Culture, Language & Performing Arts. The co-sponsoring departments are very excited about Dr. Frank’s visit and confident this will be an inspiring session for all students who are interested in sustainability, Hawaiian Studies, Pacific Island Studies, and the natural sciences.


BYU–Hawaii recognizes the divine mandate to be good stewards over earthly resources. We also draw upon the rich body of traditional knowledge about sustainability found throughout Oceania and Asia. We conduct research, educate and apply sustainable principles and practices to prepare future leaders of society, industry, government, and academia in the Asia‐Pacific Region. (Mission Statement approved by Presidents Council, May 2021)

What does the Kumuwaiwai Center for Sustainability do?


Students, faculty, and staff at BYU–Hawaii integrate our culture of sustainability into their lives and their future communities. Our sustainability culture drives university operations toward a positive impact on future generations. (Vision Statement approved by Presidents Council, May 2021)

What does kumuwaiwai mean?

Kumuwaiwai is the Hawaiian word for natural resources or "the source of supply". Our motto is "I ka wā ma mua, ka wā ma hope," which is translated to "Through the past is the future."